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About Kaz Jones

I started my artistic life with painting, using it helped to pull me out of depression, enabling me to see the beauty in the darker side of life – even if something is in shadow it can still be glorious; chiaroscuro can show us the way. I work mainly in acrylics as I find them infinitely forgiving, and am currently very drawn to photorealism - often using my own photographs as inspiration.

Alongside paintings I am now involved in printmaking – linoprint, drypoint etching and metalplate etchings.  I find enormous pleasure in strong monochrome contrasts and, again, the ability to create a beautiful image from white paper and black ink resonates with my inner appreciation of all things Gothic, be it architecture, literature or film.  The ability to take an everyday image and imbue it with a darker, brooding atmosphere just by the use of black ink and an etching tool is endlessly fascinating to me.

All artwork shown is for sale unless marked as sold.

Price does not include postage and packing.

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